Large Scale Ultra Detail 3D printing

Welcome to our weblog!

A little introduction:
We are five students following the TU Delft Minor Advanced Prototyping, researching the possibilities in augmented prototyping.
In our case, we will be exploring the possibilities in 3D printing ultra detailed objects on a large scale, by using multiple Ultimaker 3D printers.
Since large printers are not really new anymore in the 3D printing world, our focus will be on combining multiple printerheads, which will reduce the printing time rapidly.

We share the vision of our supervisor, Joris van Tubergen, that combining multiple printers to print one big object is the next step in creating fast, high quality prints.
During the next few weeks we will be posting our research results on this weblog.

Ruben den Uyl
Julian Ros
Mani Fares
Daan van der Valk
Thomas de Boer

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