Designing the framework

Before we can start to test our prints, we first need to build the framework for the two Ultimakers to move in. As seen in the picture below, we want the Ultimakers to have external axis for the X-, Y-, and Z-direction, to increase the total print capacity.
The inside X- and Y-axis will remain there, but the Z-axis is entirely replaced by the outside axis, since it is not necessary for the printers to be on different Z positions.


These ‘dubble’¬†axis will be created by extra steppermotors that are attached to rails.
The X-axis (blue arrows) and Z-axis (green arrows) will be moving the two Ultimakers, while the Y-axis (red arrows) will be moving the printer bed. We chose for this way because if the Ultimakers would also move along the Y-axis, they would create instabilities in the framework and even slight movement, that could result in print inaccuracies.

The framework itself will be made of aluminum profiles, which were used in the previous 3D XXL-project that worked fine.

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