G-code and more G-code

Right now we are thinking of a way to slice the object into parts, genarate G-code for it and then putting the different G-codes together in the right order. We are probably going to have to write a plugin that sorts these different G-codes.

But to create more strenght to the object, we want to have a little overlaps between the different layers, to make a masonry like structure.


By turning the pattern each layer this should suffice, but makes creating the G-code more complicated.

Another way to do it, is to split the solid object into parts in the 3D-software (for us that would be Rhino), then load it into Cura and assign different solid part to different extruders.

Using the plugin that the Kamermaker 2013 group wrote for the Master and Slave printer dividers, we can make sure that the printers move at the right time. This plugin makes sure that both printers are ready with their part by sending a message, before moving the X- and Y-axis.

However, it is quite hard for us to come up with the best result, since we are all new to the G-code world. For now, we’re still researching what the different ways are, and how to program them.

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