Endresult and Science Fair

Tuesday the 27th, we had a stand at the Science Fair. This meant that our hard work had come to an end and it was time to show the world what we had accomplished!


After rewriting the plugins that were used in the night before, we finally got the printers to work. Some tests in the morning revealed that the stepperdrivers were getting to hot, we added some additional code and added heatsinks on top of the stepper drivers.

Then, it was time to print!

This however only succeeded partialy, because of the printer bed leveling. This failed because it relied on multiple factors that were not adjusted correctly. We could have fixed this, but because of the lack of time, we were not able to test this properly.

Fortunately, the print method did work. This Poster finalkleinmeans that the printers were cooperating correctly and moving in the right order. The sliced object was properly translated to G-code which was visible in the movements of the printers.

To conclude on the concept: it works!
To make actual prints however, the machine needs to be finetuned (mostly callibrating and error-checking). We are glad to see that the concept that we started six weeks ago is an almost working prototype and proves that this is a possible new method of 3D printing.


At the Science Fair, people were really interested to see what we did. Most people didn’t get the concept at first, because they thought a bigger printer would solve all the problems. This shows how revolutionary this concept is, because almost everyone in the 3D printing world is working on making things bigger, instead of faster.

A pleasent suprise was that one of the co-founders of Ultimaker showed up to take a look at our project. Thanks to him and the rest of the Ultimaker community we were able to get additional information we would never have gotten ourselves.

YouTube Preview Image


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